Yasuke enters pop culture through video games. But it’s all wrong.

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S.O.S. 500 year of Misinformation to Undo

This is the kind of ahistorical narrative we fight. It remixes history from the point of internet posts.
The image of him defeated, kneeling before the European dressed as a Samurai, is more historical fantasy and an affront to the history of black martial ability. So, even though it is “only a video game,” this lone of dialogue makes it one that perpetuates a false white dominance in an era where they would soon be banished from Japan by threat of death. 

“I dreamt of becoming a samurai so that I could fight for Lord Nobunaga. Who do you fight for? That spirit?”

“I… I have met men who have fought, struggled, and died to create a world without war, where people and spirits can co-exist in harmony. I fight for them.”

“Lord Nobunaga told me that he would make me a true samurai some day, but he died before it could happen. It seems you have achieved it on your own.”

~~Yasuke and William; Nioh

The History Mattters

Yasuke was a warrior before he got to Japan. Why else would Nobunaga bring him into his inner circle?He was made the first foreign-born samurai, given a salary and wives by Nobunaga because of his intelligence, his ability to speak Japanese and his martial “waza,” His application of battle techniques he used in combat.